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At The Baca Gallery, we empower artists across the country to host art exhibitions that showcase their creativity. Though these interactions, we continue to define ART. The Baca Gallery supports artists in ways that validate individual expression, forge new connections, and transform spaces.


The Baca Gallery was created to honor the legacy of The Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation and Irene Sukle.


'The Baca' is an area located in rural Saguache County, CO. It is situated at the South base of the 14,000ft peaks of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve NP can be seen to the East with views of the expansive high desert San Luis Valley. 


It is known as a unique, spiritual place because of its permeating energies and geographical landscapes. The energies of the area have called together and created a diverse, peaceful community of spiritual practitioners seeking enlightenment.


The Baca is also an area that The Marie Walsh Sharpe students would stay to study plein air painting, connect with the natural beauty of the landscape and the unique groups of people that call this special place home. 

Founded 2023

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